Registering with the Immigration Service or GNIB

  • Before You Register

    If You Live In Dublin:

    Go to the INIS Burgh Quay Registration Office at 13/14 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2. You must make an online appointment:

    Tip: Book an appointment at least 10 weeks in advance. If you cannot get an appointment straight away – keep trying. More appointments are available at 2.30pm every day.

    If You Live Outside Dublin:

    Go to your local Garda District Headquarters to register with the Immigration Officer. Contact your local Garda Station or find your local Garda District Headquarters on

  • When You Register

    The Immigration Officer will put an immigration stamp in your passport. Ask the Immigration Officer when you should collect your IRP or if it will be posted to you. This card gives information about your immigration status. The fee for an IRP is €300. You can pay by credit/debit card or by bank giro. You might not need to pay the fee, for more information to go:

  • When You Renew Your Registration

    Keep your immigration status up-to-date.

    Don’t Forget! If you live in Dublin you will need to make an online appointment at least 10 weeks in advance:

    Still have questions about getting your IRP? Contact us

    At the Burgh Quay Registration Office or at your local Garda District Headquarters

    Registration officers do not provide immigration information. They endorse passports with immigration permission and issue Irish Residence Permits (IRP)

    It is your right to ask to speak to a supervisor.