Meet the Teams

Crosscare Information & Advocacy Services is made up of 3 teams.

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Crosscare Migrant Project

In 1987, in response to the increased numbers of people leaving Ireland in the 1980s, we were established as ‘Emigrant Advice’ and opened our city centre office on Cathedral Street, Dublin 1.

Originally, we worked with Irish people intending to emigrate. In recent years, our work has expanded to include emigrants who are returning home as well as migrants coming to Ireland.


Crosscare Housing and Welfare Information

In 1980, we were established as ‘Centrecare’ and opened our city centre office on Cathedral Street, Dublin 1.

We provide a walk-in information service to people experiencing poverty and social exclusion. We have an open-door policy, responding in a people-centred manner to those contacting the service. We provide information and advocate on behalf of our clients.


Crosscare Refugee Service

In 1999 we were established as the Vincentian Refugee Centre to provide support and assistance to refugees living in Ireland. In 2012 we merged with Crosscare and became Crosscare Refugee Service.

We provide advice on housing, social welfare, health and well-being, education, immigration, and support with integration including a women’s group. Our Women’s Group takes place every Tuesday morning. For more information contact Ursula Mullen on 01 8732844 or at