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Participants’ Experiences

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Mireille Ndikumagenge

Mireille was placed with Martin Heydon TD, February - July 2015

'I have been exposed to so much in a short period of time than I could have imagined.'

Mireille's Diary





Rosemary Masinga

Rosemary Masinga was placed with MaryLou Mc Donald TD, February - July 2015

'The best thing for me about the internship is shadowing a female TD. I have always wondered how it is to be a woman involved in politics.'

Rosemary's diary


Michelle Manuel

Michelle Manuel was placed with Senator Marie Moloney February - July 2015

'To other prospective migrants/new Irish thinking about applying for the scheme I would say even if it is unpaid, nothing could substitute the experience. I am one happy person to have achieved this!'

Michelle's diary



Jing Farrelly

Jing Farrelly was placed with Denis Naughten TD, February - July 2015

'I was surprised at the amount and range of the topics that passed through my fingers'. 

Jing's diary

Charles Titus

Charles Titus was placed with Michael Creed TD

'I raised the issue and chipped in some strategy on how to embrace migrant communities, particularly African migrant community for the purposes of local/MEP elections'.

Charles' diary


Sheelan Yousefizadeh

Sheelan Yousefizadeh was placed with Marcella Corcorcan-Kennedy TD

'It was inspiring to learn about Marcella's background and what motivated her to get involved in politics'

Sheelan's diary



Larysa Karankovich

Larysa Karankovich was placed with Tony McLoughlin TD

'Reflecting back on my 6 months internship with Deputy Tony McLoughlin I can definitely say that it was one of the most significant and worthy experience professionally and personally'.

Larysa's diary



Peter Ozonyia

Peter Ozonyia was placed with Ann Phelan T.D. 

"I am increasingly developing the confidence that I believe could turn me into a politician in the future."

Peter's Diary


Tonye Olatunde

Tonye Olatude was placed with Robert Troy T.D.

“I would never have imagined that politicians invest so much time, effort, passion, intelligence, selflessness, and hard work into representing their constituents and managing the country.”

Tonye's Diary


Smret Kahsai

Smret Kahsai was placed with Mattie McGrath T.D.

“I enjoy working in his office as I am getting great exposure to how Irish politics works and the system in general.”


Petros Ogbazghi

Petros Ogbazghi was placed with Senator Jim Walsh

“What struck me here most was the immense political culture differences between Eritrea and Ireland."


Okezie Emuaga

Okezie Emuaga was placed with Noel Coonan T.D.

"I left for home with my mind drawn in several ways as I condensed all I had seen and heard. Whatever the case, I knew this will have little or no dull moments!"

Okezie's Diary


Gladys Otono Atsenokhai

Gladys Otono Atsenokhai was placed with David Stanton T.D.

“I was astounded by the amount of work that passes through a TD’s desk daily and the immense pressure to deliver both at constituency level and in the Dáil.”

Gladys' Diary


Mariam Ayeni-Salami

Mariam was placed with Anne Ferris T.D.

 “My first impression of walking through Leinster House was just sheer awe at the amount of history that has, is and will be made in this building.”

Mariam's Diary


Alfred M'Sichili

Alfred was placed with Andrew Doyle T.D.

"This has truely been an eye opener for me"

Alfred's Diary


Mandy Lau

Mandy was placed with Éamon Ó'Cuív T.D.

"From the bottom of my heart, I feel so proud and so lucky that I am one of the chosen ones. I am really looking forward to the rest of my internship with Deputy O'Cuiv."

Mandy's Diary



Ekow Agyeman Prempeh

Ekow was placed with Michael Moynihan T.D.

"My understanding of Irish politics in particular and the art of politics in itself have deepened and lengthened over my more than a month’s partnership with Deputy Michael Moynihan."

Ekow's Diary



Adelita Monteiro

Adelita was placed with Luke Ming Flanagan T.D.

"I have realised that politics is not as ‘scary’ and complicated as we might think. It is right there and in fact, very accessible."

Adelita's Diary



Voltaire Bicomong

Voltaire was placed with Áodhan Ó'Ríordáin T.D.

"Every Wednesday morning when I walk through the main portal along Kildare Street of Leinster House, proudly wearing my pass card, I cannot help but feel a certain kind of transformation"

Voltaire's Diary


Adaku Ezeudo and Derek Keating T.D.

Adaku Ezeudo

Adaku was placed with Derek Keating T.D.

"Struck at how quickly I felt at ease, I was more than happy to assist with some constituency work."

Adaku's Diary


Amy Yin Zhang and Joe Costello T.D.

Amy-Yin Zhang

Amy was placed with Minister Joe Costello

"I am made a very welcome member of the team and am relishing the work to date."

Amy's Diary


Erica Birch Abban and Senator Averil Power

Erica Birch-Abban

Erica was placed with Senator Averil Power

"The wait is over, I have officially started my placement at Leinster House."

Erica's Diary


Evans Shirihuru and Maureen O'Sullivan TD

Evans Shirihuru

Evans was placed with Maureen O'Sullivan T.D.

"It is not every day that you see your dreams fulfilled."

Evans' Diary

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