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Two new initiatives for migrant entrepreneurs and investors

Posted: Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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The Minister for Justice announced the introduction of two new initiatives for migrant entrepreneurs and investors today. The programmes are:

        The Immigrant Investor Programme
        The Start-up Entrepreneur Programme

The programmes are due to be launched in mid-March 2012 and will replace the current Business Permission scheme. Successful applicants will be granted a residence permisson for two years. The business will not have to create employment for the first two years and the business will not be required to be profitable at the renewal stage. Family reunification will be permitted for a spouse/partner and children as long as the applicant has sufficient funds to support them. No access to state funds will be permitted during this time.

The Immigrant Investor Programme

The investor scheme is designed to attract individuals with a successful background in business to invest in and relocate to the State. A range of investment options are provided for with different limits applied depending on the type of investment which can be between €400,000 and €2million.

The Start-up Entrepreneur Programme

This programme is aimed at fostering start-up enterprises. To qualify the applicant must have resources of €75,000 or more. The business proposal must have a strong innovation component and the applicant must not be a drain on public funds.

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