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Register to vote before 25th November 2013

Posted: Wednesday, November 20, 2013

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You can register to vote by adding your name to the Register of Electors with the local authority/council of the area you are resident in. If you are living in Ireland, regardless of you immigration status, you have the right to vote to elect your local representatives for your area in the Local Elections in 2014. If you are an Irish or EU citizen living in Ireland you can also vote in the European Elections which will be held in 2014.

Dublin City Council has developed information leaflets in several different languages on the process of 'Registering to Vote', 'How members of local authorities are elected' and on how Members of European Parliament (MEPs) are elected. You can access these through the Dublin City Council website

If you would like to register to vote you can pick up a form from Crosscare's office at 2 Sackville Place, from your local authority or download it from their website.  

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