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New employment permits legislation can benefit undocumented workers

Posted: Thursday, April 24, 2014

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The new Employment Permits (Ammendment) Bill 2014 will update the current employment permits system in Ireland and provide protection for undocumented workers who have experienced exploitation in their employment.

The proposed legislation will allow an undocumented migrant worker who has experienced exploitation by their employer to seek compensation for back pay and money owed to them by the employer. Following a decision of the High Court in the Younis case in 2012 the court said that the employer was not liable to pay wages and money owed to Mr. Younis becase he did not hold a valid work permit at the time he was working.

The proposed legislation will also allow for migrant workers who lost their employment permit through no fault of their own to apply for a new employment permit. 

There will also be a reform of the categories of employment permits with the introduction of a Critical Skills Employment Permit which will replace the current Green card employment permit. 

More information about the proposed legislation can be found on the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation website

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